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Sonoma - It sounds like an Analog Recorder - Without the flaws
An ideal companion for the analog studio, the Sonoma DSD recording workstation offers an "analog like" quality because its sample rate (2.8MHz) is far closer to the infinite character of music than traditional digital recorders and workstations.

DSD Pure






Mytek Digital...


...now supports Sonoma’s Optical DSD I/O format.

And the Sonoma DSD Multi-track Recorder / Editor has just become more affordable.

With a sonic character like analog tape, the Sonoma is the ideal multi-track recording and editing solution for the analog studio.

The sonic improvement is not subtle.

The Sonoma Pure DSD Recording Workstation will make your fine analog studio shine.

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High Performance
DSD Multitrack Sonoma Computer Platform

Super Audio Center LLC now offers a high performance computer platform targeting multitrack applications in high-end analog music studios. The new platform, dubbed the 'Plus', is designed to meet the needs of demanding and complex 32 track DSD recording and editing projects.
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