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Kan'Nal records to Sonoma-32

Boulder, Co, January, 2007 - Kan'Nal records their new album to the Sonoma 32 track DSD recorder at Immersive Studios in Boulder Colorado engineered by Tony Lewis (pictured below) and Mike Yach. Tracking through an analog Euphonix desk to the Sonoma was the band's choice in order to obtain a more 'organic' sound quality befitting their unique genre of rock music with primordial rhythmic drive and tribal influence. See the Kan'Nal web site for more details about Kan'Nal's unique music and their performance schedule. The project is produced by guitarist Tierro and is expected to stay DSD Pure through completion when it is mixed in the analog domain back to the same Sonoma it was recorded on. Kan'Nal's music, rich with primordial beat and percussion, provides excellent demonstration of the strong emotional bonding between music and listener that is achievable with DSD Pure technology.

Session KanNal Mix

“When I started work on the Kan'Nal project, the band members made it clear they wanted that "analog" sound. I knew the pro tools would not cut it for these guys so I reserved a Studer 827 24 track and got ready to go. The headaches associated with tape where going to be a challenge and a strain on the budget and session flow so when I heard about the Sonoma DSD multitrack, I brought the guys down to check it out. It was clear in the first 30 seconds of hearing it we had our answer. Everyone thought it sounded as good if not better than analog -  that same warm sound that drew me to the recording industry in the first place.”

“I have never been satisfied with digital audio. It always felt like a compromise no matter how high the bit count and sample rates got. The Sonoma system  has changed the way I look at digital.  The emotion of the performances comes through like the day we cut them, something I always felt was lacking in normal DAWs. As we got into the Kan'Nal sessions it was clear we made the right choice. Tracking was a breeze and the session flow was seamless. I bet we had the red light on 30 minutes every hour. Later as we got into editing I realized I was going home after long studios days with almost no ear fatigue.”

“The Sonoma system has the most satisfying sound (digital or analog) I have ever heard. With easy edits, fast tracking and almost zero ear fatigue the Sonoma sets the new standard for professional quality multi track and mastering sessions.  This system makes even the most expensive DAWs simply consumer products.”

“Finally, great analog sound with digital editing and tracking.”

“I am home.”

Tierro (Producer/musician)












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