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Elephant Revival


Elephant Revival DSD recording available at Acoustic Sounds

Elephant Revival's new DSD PURE album "It's Alive" is now available at as a DSD file download. Recorded to the Sonoma 32 track, "It's Alive" is of a folk/bluegrass genre. Previously, Elephant Revival had visited Immersive Studios to record for one of Immersive's "Round The Tree" DSD PURE ambient recordings with video. For that experience, look here:

Immersive's ROUND THE TREE with Elephant Revival




Anthony Wilson SACD

New Anthony Wilson SA-CD and LP

Yet to be named, the new Anthony Wilson SA-CD due out on Groove Note Records was recently tracked to an analog 24 track at Sunset Sound in LA, and mixed to the Sonoma recorder (for the SA-CD master) by engineer Michael C. Ross (front and center). Going clockwise from Mike is producer Joe Harley, then musicians Anthony Wilson, Matt Zebley, Adam Schroeder, Gilbert Castellanos, Mark Ferber, Diana Krall, Alan Ferber, Darek Oles, Donald Vega, Eva Scow, and Matt Otto. Diana Krall sings "Looking Back", a beautiful song composed by her late piano teacher and mentor Jimmy Rowles and arranged by Anthony Wilson.




“Music for Organ, Brass and Timpani” Produced by
13-Time Grammy Winner Steve Epstein

This new reference recording was spearheaded by David Kawakami, the Director of the Super Audio CD project at Sony Corporation of America. ”Audiophiles have often asked, 'What is the best sounding SA-CD?' to which we would respond, 'The best SA-CD has yet to be released!'" said Kawakami. “In this spirit, we have worked closely with renowned producer Steve Epstein to develop a recording that exploits the full potential of this incredible platform.” The new reference recording highlights the first use of the 24-track Sonoma Workstation, which is being debuted at the Audio Engineering Society Convention. It utilizes state-of-the-art A/D and D/A converters supplied by EMM Labs, to create a recording of startling warmth and realism. “The most outstanding modern recordings have always resulted from a successful melding of music and technology,” states Steve Epstein. “So the chance to produce music of my choosing, played by the best musicians I could find, and using the latest recording technology was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.”


Ron Miles recorded by Tom Bates on Sonoma 24

November 3, 2004, Multi-Grammy winning engineer/producer Tom Bates recorded music by jazz trumpet player Ron Miles at Immersive Studios in Boulder Colorado on Sonoma 24. The yet unnamed project consists of trumpet, piano, acoustic bass, and drums. Currently Tom is mixing the project to Stereo and 5.1 on an analog Euphonix console. Because the Sonoma can playback all channels while recording, it is both the multi-track playback machine and the mixdown master recorder on this project. "The sound of the Sonoma recorder is absolutely flawless," said Tom Bates, "It is as if a recorder is not even in the circuit. It behaved flawlessly too. It was a refreshing experience." Tom is due back in the studio in a few weeks to complete the 5.1 mixes.

Sonoma Records - David Elias "Crossing" on sale at

David Elias's second hybrid multichannel SA-CD is now available from Acoustic Sounds and follows in the style of his first SA-CD "The Window". Garnering praise from the Audiophile community, "The Window" is now recognized as a "Must Have" SA-CD, particularly if you love folk music. "Crossing" continues in the same tradition with live surround acoustic recordings of excellent new songs by David Elias. For more information, please visit High Fidelity Review.


"David Elias has released his latest Hybrid SACD, Crossing, and if you’re a fan of acoustic folk then I highly recommend you check this guy out. If you have not heard of him, that is not surprising, as he is as about as independent as they come. He is his own writer, arranger, label and producer. Besides his web site and his live gigs the only place his stuff is available is here [Acoustic Sounds] and one other place, as far as I know. Audibly, the disc is superb. I know this will sound a bit over used, however, this is an audiophile quality presentation. His previous release, The Window, is of the same high quality and that too I’d highly recommend."- The Don Guy - Acoustic Sounds


Sonoma Records - "Music for Organ, Brass and Timpani" on sale at

Pictured left-to-right in front of the magnificent Mander Pipe Organ at St. Ignatius Loyola Church, New York City are William de Vos, Anthony Newman, Carl Albach, Mark Gould, Duncan Patton, Graham Ashton, Jeff Nelson, Richard Clark, Jim Pugh, and Marcus Rojas.



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