USA Price List - Sonoma Configurations and EMM Labs Pro Products



EMM Labs Products

EMM Labs converters have become the standard for Super Audio CD production because the sonic quality obtainable with EMM Labs PCM and DSD converters remains unsurpassed by any other product.


EMM Labs (Meitner) MK IV ADC-8

Price: $8,625
Catalog# 30011

EMM Labs (Meitner) MK IV DAC-8

Price: $8,625
Catalog# 30012

EMM Labs (Meitner) Switchman MK II

Price: $3700
Catalog# 30013

Sonoma DSD Recording and Editing Workstations

The Sonoma Recorder / Editor is currently available in configurations of 8, 16, 24, and 32 tracks and is available as turnkey systems or as 8 track kits which can be installed in a Windows XP computer with the appropriate number of available PCI slots. Each 8 track kit requires an available PCI slot. 8 track kits can be added to existing Sonoma systems to create configurations up to 32 tracks. (Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.)

You can start out with an 8 track system and expand it by adding 8 track kits.

The Sonoma 8 track kit includes:

Price $21,500 USD
Catalog# 10010

Note: You can buy this kit and install the Sonoma into your own computer, but note that the computer must be configured with windows XP and must have at least one empty full length PCI slot. (The Sonoma card is a full length PCI card.)


Sonoma System 8

Price $24,500
Catalog# 20010


Sonoma System 16

Price $46,000
Catalog# 20020


Sonoma System 24

Price $67,500
Catalog# 20030


Sonoma System 24+

Price $72,500
Catalog# 20130


Sonoma System 32+

Price $92,500
Catalog# 20140


High Performance Computer (for Plus systems)

Price $9,500
Catalog# 10500 (See Details)





8 track Sonoma card w/ Sonoma software and USB key
Price: $8000
Catalog# 10000

Sonoma System Software License (USB Key)
Supports 8, 16, 24, and 32 track operation. Software License is required for use of all versions of Sonoma software (2.0 and later).
Note: License and key is already included with any Sonoma system or card sold by Super Audio Center
Price: $2500
Catalog# 10001

Time code cable
Price $80.00
Catalog# 40002

Single monitor USB KVM extension kit
Price TBA
Catalog# 40003

Dual monitor KVM extension kit
Price TBA
Catalog# 40004

Edit oriented USB hardware controller
Price: $300
Catalog# 40025

Transport oriented USB hardware controller (With jog/shuttle)
 Price: $500
Catalog# 40026

Dual USB hardware controller - Transport and edit
Price: $800
Catalog# 40027

15 meter ST to ST optical cable
Price: $62
Catalog# 40005

30 meter ST to ST optical cable
Price: $78
Catalog# 40006

Sonoma Plus rack mount kit
Price: $75
Catalog# 40040

7 slot PCI expansion chassis (Needed for future 48 track configuration) 
Price: $2250
Catalog# 40037



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